Metropolitan has featured in many TV Programmes, Films & Sitcoms through the years, in many cases being a star in it’s own right, where many of the function rooms have been used to feature on-screen, but even the lobby, bar and toilets have featured in some very well known programmes…

Metropolitan is also a popular crew location (location base) point when film companies are filming locally at other venues, or are on the move. Our 36 acre site lends itself well to have become a popular location for rigging, hospitality and dressing rooms to be located. We can also offer on-site power and refreshments as and when required.

Our car park is often hired to locate low-loaders, action vehicles, camera vans, lighting transits, grip transits, sound transits and more, and is available to hire for any required length of time. For larger productions, we are able to locate some trucks and hospitality tents on our playing fields, depending on the weather and time of year.

Some the productions which have been filmed at Metropolitan include:

  • Dream on Movie (Ballroom Wedding Scene)
  • Man Down (Ballroom & downstairs toilets)
  • Eastenders (various visits for multiple events)
  • Extras (used the upstairs)
  • Not like that, like this the Tommy Cooper drama (the bar)
  • Omar Djalili Show (Cricket pitch 1)

We welcome filmmakers and TV shows to the site. To find out more about using Metropolitan Bushey as a filming location, please contact our experienced team on 01923 243947 or submit our enquiry form.