Metropolitan Bushey has the facilities as a large Masonic Lodge based just outside Watford in Hertfordshire.

Whilst Metropolitan is an incredibly busy events & sports centre, we can offer exclusive use of our Ballroom and other rooms within the building, depending on the time of day and meetings. We also have all the required lodge furniture and tools which live on-site and you are welcome to use.

With over 14 sports dressing rooms, some of our lodges use these to prepare before meetings. And when privacy is required, we also have draping & partition walls to ensure that privacy requirements are met, but allow all users of Metropolitan to continue about their business without affecting each other.

Metropolitan is able to cater for up to 240 people at a lodge meeting, though at larger meetings our staff will be on hand to transform the temple into a dining area which works very well when we have larger numbers. Our guests are able to use other areas of the club for refreshment which give our Masons a chance to catch up socially.

To view our facilities or book a Masonic function, please contact us.